Music response paper

[A      JMS] On October 7, 2009 I attended the Janet Packer and Raymond Erickson Recital held in the Samuel J. and Ethel LeFrak Concert Hall at our own Queens College. I was thrilled to be going to a classical concert after being in a state of classical music withdrawal since leaving my high school’s chamber […]

Naaila Hassan   [ A       JMS] The Arts of New York Professor Saslow The Queens College Wind Ensemble LeFrak Concert Hall, Queens College One of my first experiences with the classical music genre, my visit to the Aaron Copland School of Music in Queens College to see the undergraduate student orchestras perform left quite an impression […]

Anthony Cagliano    November 1, 2009     [ B+      JMS]       Music is a rich form of art, characterized by its ability to inspire a wide range of emotions through variations in its melody. Its ability to be calm and soothing one moment, then vigorous and jarring the next makes it unique. A painting cannot change its composition, […]

Metallica: The Four Horsemen Ride    [ A–     JMS] The Metallica concert can be described as wonderful, purely and simply. It does no justice, however, to simply describe this performance with a generic one-word adjective. Before I begin to analyze the performance in depth and bring justice, it would behoove me to provide a background for […]

[A–     JMS] On October 29, I attended a concert commemorating the 15th anniversary of the passing of singer, songwriter, and spiritual leader Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. The tribute took place in a synagogue on the Upper West Side, featuring a mix of singers and artists from the Jewish music scene, all of them covering Rabbi Carlebach’s […]

Theologia Karagiogis    [B+    JMS] Music and Form Analysis Paper              For most young adults, music is a part of our every day lives. It is rare that we do not turn on a radio, scroll through our iPod’s playlists, or sing along to a music video on YouTube. With modern technology, music has become easily […]

                           [A–    JMS] Erykah Badu, a multi-Grammy award winning artist, performed at St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn on a wintry Tuesday night. Her musical work is categorized as neo-soul, an offshoot of the contemporary R&B genre. She has recorded four critically acclaimed albums. From Baduizm, her first studio album released in 1997, to her recent […]

Stephanie Bermudez    [B+    JMS] Honors 125: Arts in New York City On October 2nd, I was walking through Union Square around 7pm, and came across a crowd. The event consisted of about 20-30 people, of varying ages and nationalities, and took place in front of the park. They were all gathered around a Danish band […]

Jun Qing Jake Zhang                    [A-   JMS] Professor Saslow Arts in NYC Seminar November 1st, 2009 Music and Formal Analysis Having always held the musical alumni of Queens College in high regard, I chose to attend and analyze the recital starring the exuberant violinist Magdalena Garbalinska and the skillful pianist Yumi Hashimoto. The two masterfully collaborated […]

Marvin Toussaint    [B+   JMS] Music is organized sound and the art form that is most enjoyed and recognized. Like other art forms, one may analyze music, both in the context within which it was created and the content of the music itself. To gain a first person experience with music, I attended a live musical […]

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