To join the class eportfolio, you must first have an account on the Macaulay eportfolio site. Once you have an account, you log in and then you go to the course site and add yourself to the site.

1. Log in e-portfolio. 2. On the side bar, under “Pages” and “Visual Arts”, find your group number and click. 3. Then you should see your group page (right now it’s blank)- click on “edit page.” 4. Now you can start working on it! Remember to change the title first. 5. After doing all your […]

1. Log in e-Portfolio. 2. At the bottom of the page, under “META,” click on “Site Admin.” 3. Then you should see your dashboard. Click on Write. 4. Type your post title, then write contents just like you are using WORD. 5. After finish your post, scroll down and choose a proper category. You can […]

1. Find “Categories” on the right sidebar, click on “response paper” (or click here.) 2. Browse the papers- please remember to click “next” at the bottom of the page in order to read all papers. 3. Choose one you would like to respond. At the bottom of the paper, you will see “Leave a Reply”- […]

Log on to your dashboard, write a post or page. 1. Find “Add media”- The icon right next to it is “add an image.” Click on it! 2. You have two ways of inserting an image, either from your computer, or from Internet. Let’s try uploading from your computer first. You can choose file(s) to […]