Group 3: Metropolitan Museum of Art Alisa Chasan, Theologia Karagiorgis, Bryan Nevarez and Chloe’ Skye Weiser [oral presentation: B+    published form:  A     –JMS] The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the most well known museums in New York City, and for good reason. Its statement of purpose is, in essence, to bring art and […]

Michelle Chan, Noah Lindenfeld, Joana Mavromatis [oral presentation: B+  .    published form: A-    –JMS] The Guggenheims were a wealthy Jewish Swiss-German family which made its money from the copper mining industry. The family was friends with other notable New York Jewish families such as the Lehmans, the Goldmans, and the Sachs, but was often subject to anti-Semitism […]

[Oral: B+. Published form: A-    JMS] Anthony Cagliano, Elizabeth Evangelou, Naaila Hassan, & Marvin Toussaint For our trip to an art institution, Group Four decided to visit the less known Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art. The museum is located on 594 Broadway in Suite 401 between Houston St. and Prince St. in Manhattan. The […]

  Group 3: Cody Butler, Christina Christodoulou, Regina Fojas and Anastasya Rubunov     [oral presentation:  A–    published form:   B+  –JMS] The Rubin Museum of Art (RMA) in Chelsea is a building not as grand looking as the Metropolitan Museum of Art or noticeable like the Museum of Modern Art. One can easily pass by on the […]

Group #2: Stephanie Bermudez, Justin Davis, Jun Qing Jake Zhang   [oral presentation:  B+     Published form:   A–   –JMS] Our selection of museum was the controversial Museum of Sex, located on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York. Founded recently by Daniel Gluck in 2002, the primary focus of the museum is to provide exhibitions of several elements […]

Museum Project : MoMA Paul Alzate, Ayelet Chovev, Sara Wong [oral presentation: A–  .  Published form: A] The Museum of Modern Art was founded by Lillie P. Bliss, Mrs. Cornelius J. (Mary Quinn) Sullivan, and Mrs. John D. (Abby Aldrich) Rockefeller, Jr.  They were three progressive women who were married or related to very wealthy […]

___________________________________________________________________________________ FIELD TRIP Mozart, The Marriage of Figaro, Metropolitan Opera House (11/23 8:00 p.m.) ___________________________________________________________________________________

___________________________________________________________________________________ CLASS TIME AND PLACE CHANGE:  Oct. 27 & 29 On Tuesday Oct. 27 and Thursday Oct. 29, class will be held in the Student Art Gallery of Klapper Hall: Room 470, on the quad entry level, at the rear of the building (overlooking the dining hall).  We will be moving – wear comfortable clothes! […]

METROPOLITAN OPERA: “Marriage of FIgaro,” Monday evening Nov. 23, 8:00  Since you all have tickets, we will meet at our seats, not outside the theater.  The Metropolitan Opera House is at Lincoln Center, 65th Street and Columbus Avenue, Manhattan.  #1 train to 66th St.;  A,B,C,D to Columbus Circle (59th St.), and walk north on Broadway. […]

Theater Trip: Wednesday, November 18, 8:00 p.m. We will see “Altarboyz” on the day mentioned in class — next Wednesday.  Meet at the New World Stages theater, 340 West 50th St, no later than 7:40.  See further details on the Home Page.

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