Dominican Immigrants and National and Global Events

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American Events

According to the Dominican American National Roundtable (DANR), a non-for-profit organization, there have been several events which have taken place for Dominican Americans. In general, these events are responsible for promoting ethnic, religious, social, economic, legal and other forms of Dominican unity. Such events take place every year, and first started in the year of 1997. Here there will be the discussion of New York events of this non-for-profit organization.

In 1998, there was an Alinza meeting, brought together by the DANR. The purpose of this meeting was to better organize this non-for-profit company, which involved a “broad spectrum” of community leaders, a new part, known as the National Interim Steering Committee was created. They met at the CUNY Dominican Studies Institute, which is located in The City College of New York. In this meeting, they tried to spread their mission of trying to “secure their grassroots.” Later on in the year, they tried to organize a meeting in Washington D.C, so that they could lobby for political involvement.

For 2002, the DANR created a new voting registration programs and internship program to train Dominican American students in areas which they weren’t exposed enough to. In Manhattan, they tried to involve students to study institutions like the World Bank, and the US Senate Committee for International Relations. This same organization also had several meetings organized to discuss the major problems for the Dominicans today. Finally, the DANR also attempted to promote Dominican American artists and really spread their mission on to others.

Today the DANR continues to expand, trying to promote national Dominican American unity. Now, they are focusing on how the Dominican Americans can positively interact with other cultures.

On the Global Scene

One of the global events that Dominican Americans and Dominicans participate in is the World Baseball Classic (WBC). This is an event in which teams of different countries try to obtain pride. Dominicans teams are composed of players that are originally of the Dominican descent, and also Dominican Americans. Certain Dominican Americans that have played or will play for the Dominican side are Robinson Cano, the second basemen of the New York Yankees. More popular is Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez, the third basemen for the New York Yankees. In 2009, the Dominicans lost to Netherlands at the World Baseball classic.