Dominican Immigrants and Politics

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Politics for a group of people refers to the influence in the decisions that the government makes for the benefit of the people. For the Dominicans, the involvement seems to be plenty. Currently, in NYC, there are two councilwomen and one councilman who are advocating major changes from educational services to transportation assistance.

Julissa Ferraras

According to United We Can, Julissa Ferraras is the first women of Dominican descent to serve in the City Council. In particular, she is the first councilwomen in the East Elmhurst, Jackson Heights and Elmhurst area, in Queens. She runs for many changes in politics. First, she pledges to create smaller classes, as experience with directing a school at P.S 19 has persuaded her to his change. Next, she would like to support women and their families because of these tough economic times by calling for an increase in funding for child care and paid time off for child birth. She is also fighting for rights for senior citizens by trying to get greater funding for senior citizens community centers. Perhaps most important in New York City today is the MTA. Ferraras is trying her hardest to keep fees affordable. Finally, most important for the Dominicans in New York City, she is trying to fight for their political rights—for documented workers. She believes strongly that hard working Dominicans deserve to live freely.

Diana Reyna

According to The New York City Council, Diana Reyna is another Dominican congresswoman to serve in the city council. She represents the 34th district. Some of the goals she hopes to achieve are constructing a new day care center near Williamsburg, her birth place, funding for new youth centers, helping redistribute technology. The main concerns for her are the lower and middle class families. She is a major proponent of education, which she supports by advocating greater funds of supports for. She has worked in order to create jobs and help raise educational, youth services, affordable housing and senior services. Perhaps her biggest attempted change is that on New York City. She is trying her best to reduce the amount of truck waste because of its adverse impact on the environment.

Miguel Martinez

Miguel Martinez is a Dominican councilman to serve in the city council for Manhattan, district 10. While he fights for his basic campaign issues, like corrupt landlords, it seems that Martinez is doing the best he can in order to add to Dominican culture. First, he fought against a bill which would create a high school program at an elementary school in Washington Heights. Next, he has helped create a pre-kindergarten program which may be added due to his efforts. Also, he helped create a Dominican cultural center in the predominantly Dominican populated in Washington Heights which would preserve their heritage and the foundations upon which they landed in the new world. Finally, he has also fought for tenement rights, which many Dominicans seem to occupy today.

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