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From From the Island to the City: Dominican Communities in New York City

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Where Do They Live?

Dominicans are spread throughout New York and the five boroughs, and the largest number of Dominicans in New York live within the boundaries of the Upper West Side of Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn. While this group of immigrants are currently slowly moving out of the boroughs and migrating north and west due to higher incomes and better jobs, many still pass through New York City to return to their home away from home.

Four Featured Neighborhoods

In this section, we decided to present four major New York City neighborhoods in which large numbers of Dominican immigrants reside. In this website, we mention Washington Heights in Manhattan, Corona in Queens, Fordham in the Bronx, and Bushwick in Brooklyn. For each page, we have a slide-show which displays different images of the neighborhoods that we collected during our visits there.

The map below shows where each of the neighborhoods are situated.

Life in a Dominican Community

The following interview was taken from Maridalia, one of our group members who has grown up in New York City as a first generation Dominican immigrant. This video gives us a window into the experience of what it is like to grow up within a Dominican community and strive to maintain the cultural identity that is very significant to the Dominican immigrant group.