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Let's Celebrate Diversity

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Hip-Hop’s African-American New York Origins & its West Indian and Puerto Rican influences

Hip-Hop is a dense part of today’s urban music and is heard through the nation, and especially in New York, it’s birthplace. It is almost impossible to go through public transportation, i.e. trains, and buses, walk down the street or even go through the halls college without witnessing the presence of Hip-hop. Nonetheless, Hip Hop is a fairly young form of art and often times because it is so young and diverse, the history and its roots are often neglected or not properly emphasized...

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Soul Food in NYC

Soul Food: Its Presence And Significance in NYC

Fried chicken, buttery cornbread, okra, collard greens. The words soul food brings images of fatty foods and good times around the table. However, the origins of soul food is just as rich as the food on the table. Particularly, soul food has left a large mark on black New York. What does soul food mean to a 21st century New Yorker? Does it still hold the black community together, or is it denied as being a source of an unhealthy lifestyle? And does soul food work its magic on non-black New Yorkers like myself? Find out more when you read about my trip and reaction to two distinct soul food restaurants...

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West Indian New York Today

When using the term West Indian, one must understand the scope and diversity this title encompasses. West Indians are people that have roots in Africa but come from areas of the Caribbean, which may include, but is not limited to, people from Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, Dominica and Haiti. Today in New York City, these immigrants make up a large community in the Bronx, from 211th Street to 241st Street and Gun Hill Road...

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Black New York v. Black London

The presence of black populations in both the cities of New York and London can be attributed to the European Age of Imperialism, when countries such as Britain began to expand political, social, and economic control beyond their own borders. Not only were black populations uprooted from Africa to the New World as part of the slave trade, but many were also made to work as interpreters, sailors and soldiers for the colonizing powers. The differences in the ways in which the black populations were employed by Britain and by North America fostered the growth of different black communities and cultures as blacks were incorporated into these different places... Click Here To Learn More

Puerto Ricans and African Americans in Spanish Harlem

East Harlem is a unique place because it has been the starting ground for many different immigrant groups. In addition, East Harlem has a large African American population because of its proximity to Harlem itself. Why did all these immigrants come to Spanish Harlem? Because there weren't any where else to go... Curious about the problems Spanish Harlem residents are facing? Do you know what neoliberalism means and why it is leading to the commodification of Puerto Rican culture? Wonder what the phrase Upper Yorkville has to do with Spanish Harlem?

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NYC Dominicans, Puerto Ricans

Although the dictionary defines race as being “ A classification of modern humans, sometimes based on any or a combination of various physical characteristics, as skin color, facial form, or eye shape”, this definition is very ambiguous. It proposes the idea that just because people may look the same or share similar features, must mean that they share the same “race”. However, this does not hold through in today’s society because people belonging to certain ethnic groups such as Latinos are so diverse from one another that it would be incorrect to judge them based on their appearance...

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There is a lot of diversity within the black community

Faces And Numbers of New York

Click on the links below to find out how diverse the black community is in New York City. You will be puzzled to see that black New Yorkers come from all over the world. In addition, we provide you with some graphs to help you visualize such diversity. So please allow the visuals to speak for themselves and enjoy.

Foreign Born Population
Charts Population of Blacks in New York

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