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Below we introduce ourselves. Click on a name below and you will find much more than a name and a face. You will also find a detailed immigration story that brought each of us, or some of our ancestors, to this country from across the seas.
Perhaps you have a story of your own?

Professor Bio

Ted Henken, Ph.D.

Tech Fellow Bio

William Hampton-Sosa

Student Bios

Zainab Aslam
Dmitriy Berenzon
Miriam Braun
Steven Chang
Anna Cymerman
Wendy Huang
Hao Jin
Veronica Karpoich
Dmitry Kucher
Eilene Lei
Kenny Li

Ryan Liang
Siwen Liao
Bonny Lin
Oscar Meza
Alice Moy
Daniel Panit
Noureen Ramzan
Noorulain Siddiqui
Bill Tseng
Susan Wu
Joanna Yau

Who We Are

Our Alma Mater: Baruch College
A Taste of The Macaulay Honors College

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