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Harlem's Legacy

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Photos of Harlem during the 1800s.

Before Harlem Was Black

What lead up to this important time period for black culture? When observing any important historical movement, it is important to both search and inquire what made that event happen. Blacks did not always gather in Harlem, and this section reveals the history of how Harlem became what it is today.

Photos during the Harlem Renaissance period.

Harlem Renaissance

New York's Harlem neighborhood was a hub for Black Culture- music, literature, dance, and art. In the period after WWI, many famous and legendary artists created works that are revered even today. The Harlem Renaissance was a time where blacks could escape from the harsh realities they faced. It was a time to embrace a new identity and form a culture that has lasted to this day.

Photos of Harlem today. (Photos taken by Candice Hoeflinger

After Harlem

The Harlem Renaissance as a movement, essentially ended with the Great Depression. It left a major impact and legacy on black society and history. The cultural changes that occurred as a result of the Harlem Renaissance still impact to today's African American culture. The Harlem Renaissance painted Blacks in a new light and allowed them to pursue opportunities that they did not have before.

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