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From The Peopling of New York City


In your wiki, go to any page and select “edit.” You will see a command under the formatting icons to make a map. At this point, all you have to do is enter an address and click search, and the wiki mark-up code will be generated automatically: copy and paste it into the body of the editing section and your map is ready to go. (The “load map” command that you will see seems to be erroneous.) The simple code will look like:

     <googlemap lat="40.632014" lon="-73.952695" zoom="19">
     (These are the coordinates for Brooklyn College:  I searched on "2900 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn...")
  • To add the icon that specifies the address, add on the second line the latitude and longitude codes separated by a comma, followed by the label of the coordinate:
     40.631874, -73.952694, Brooklyn College, 2900 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY  
     (The “Brooklyn College...” text shows up when you click the balloon in the map)
  • Your whole code will look like this:
       <googlemap lat="40.632014" lon="-73.952695" zoom="19">
       40.631874, -73.952694, Brooklyn College, 2900 Bedford Ave, New York, NY
  • And the map will look like this:

  • Alternatively, all you need to do is click on the point where you wish to add a marker, and enter the text into the balloon. Again, the code is automatically generated.
  • You can adjust the default zoom, as well as other elements when the map code is generated. For example, above the zoom is 19, which is pretty much street level; if I were to specify that as 12, it would show the greater Brooklyn area.
  • If you want to add multiple points to the map, simply click on the desired location and enter a label in the balloon. The code for the new point will automatically be created. Be sure to add the new code into the editing section of the wiki.
  • At any point, if you with to edit your map, simply click on the make a map when you are in the page's editing mode. In the following example, I located the Louvre Museum in Paris and added an image to the description, so the code looks like this:
      <googlemap lat="48.861637" lon="2.337255" zoom="15">
       48.86048, 2.33674, [[Image:LouvreExterior.jpg]]<br><center>'''Louvre Museum, Paris'''
  • And the map looks like this: