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This help page will give you some tips on getting started

How do I create an account?
Everyone needs to set up a user account, as pages will be "protected" from non-registered users.
Click on Log In in the side bar and select create account.
Make sure you confirm your account with your email.
This feature will be turned off soon to prevent unauthorized users from creating accounts.
My Preferences
Get familiar with this feature by selecting it from the sidebar. Most selections will only be active on your page (the site preferences are controlled by the administrator).

My Page
Write a bio & upload a picture
Uploading a photo to the wiki:
In the sidebar, under toolbox, click "Upload file". Note: In some skins, you will not see this link. If that is the case, find the link for "special pages" and select the "Upload File" page.
Next to the Source filename, click Browse to locate the file on your computer.
Change the Destination filename to something descriptive, if necessary.
Fill in the Summary, if necessary.
Click the Upload file button.
To use an image or other file which has been uploaded to the wiki, use:
If you add a pipe (|) and some text after the filename, the text will be used as alternative text for text-only browsers:
               [[Image:Example.jpg|alternative text]]
If you don't want to display the image, you can link to the file's description page, by adding a colon:
To bypass the description page and link directly to a file, use the "Media" pseudo-namespace:
You can also make piped links if you want some other text to be used:
   		[[:Image:Example.jpg|link text]]
   		[[Media:Example.jpg|link text]]
More information on formatting images can be found here:Image Help

My Talk page
This feature resembles the functionality of a blog
Your fellow students can post general questions/comments here
How do I create a page? 
The simplest way to create a new page is to type the name of the page in the Find bar (left hand side of page) and then hit "Go". It will tell you that no such page exists and do you want to create it. Click yes, then type your page content! It's that easy. Of course, you or someone else can edit it later as needed. If you know the page already exists, but it says it doesn't, then check your spelling and formatting. For example, this page is titled "Help" but the url is "Help:Contents".
How do I edit a page?
Use edit button which can be found in several places
It is a good idea to preview your changes before you save; but don't forget to save!
How do I find pages?
The difference between "go" and "search" :
Using the "go" button will take you directly to the term that you searched, provided that you have entered the exact text of an article that exists.
The "search" button does a search of the site to match your search terms with keywords from each article.
Can I Add mp3 Files?
The mp3 player is not yet enabled. The code is:
<flashmp3>File Name.mp3</flashmp3>.  

You must use an mp3 file. Just click "play" to see how it works:


Can I see some cool examples of other wikis?
Professor Wills MHC2 Seminar 2008 - last year's Seminar 2 Project
Columbia University's Social Justice Wiki
A Wikimedia example
The Great Lakes Wiki
Oh yes. Star Trek, baby. (Star Trek for the win!)
A Consumer Wiki
And of course, Wikipedia (duh!)

Below are some links to help you with the "how to's" of the WikiMedia.

Configuration Settings


Users Guide

Help Contents

Formatting Codes - Very Helpful!

Formatting Images

Formatting Links

Formatting Tables

Creating and Editing Categories

Editing the Navigation Bar (you need admin access to do this in this Wiki)

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.