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(Atonal silliness) The 12-Tone Commercial

my instrument

To see what sort of music Jennifer writes:

Jennifer's Bio

Jennifer Griffith earned a masters degree in composition at Smith College, where she studied with Donald Wheelock. She has also studied piano and performed in the U.S. and abroad. Recent performances of her work include performances of her operas Dream President and an excerpt from The Dressing Room in Opera After Hours, Quintet of the Americas (Woodwind Quintet), and Women’s Work: New York Women Composers (Trails and Convalescence). She has written pieces for the Glass Farm Ensemble and will be writing and for the Non Sequitur Festival 2008. Recent projects include new operas including one about transvestism (The Dressing Room), and the first Green opera (Beautiful Creatures)...Griffith was awarded a MacDowell Colony fellowship in 2007, and is earning her doctorate in composition at the CUNY Graduate Center where she has studied with Thea Musgrave, David Del Tredici and Tania León. Her dissertation is on the music of composer/bandleader/bassist Charles Mingus.[1]

Hometown: Eugene

Professorial Page


  1. For more info see Jennifer's website above.