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Here is me!

Hello, my name is Oliver Lamb. I was born in New York City and was raised in the Lower East Side. More specifically, I lived in the East Village for my Childhood and up until my early teens. Born in 1990, I was just old enough to witness the destitute neighborhood gentrify into the luxurious and hip location it has become today. The cost of such development meant that real estate speculators would be out on the prowl, looking to renovate old tenements and increase the rents three fold. A number of loop wholes allowed them to stop lease renewals, and as such, my family and I were evicted. The results were not all bad though. The predicament forced my parents to finally live out their dream of purchasing an apartment, in which they now live, located further south in the Lower East Side.

I went to the Beacon High School, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I received a comprehensive education, especially for a public school, and was exposed to a variety of critical perspectives in which to view the world. I also began crafting my musical vision, which I continue to work on both as a bassist and a guitarist. I was still heavily attached to the city when I went through the college admissions process, and as such, enrolled in Brooklyn College. However, as I age into adulthood, my longing to experience what ever pastoral world is still left out there has only been increasing. As I explore new avenues in my life, I will hopefully satisfy those desires fully.

I want to go sailing
I want to go sailing

Here is a video of my most recent band. Here's My Page!