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Natasha’s Video!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay in uploading this, I didn’t have power until last night because of the hurricane. Anyway, here it is!  (And if anyone hasn’t read The Great Gatsby, what are you waiting for?)


1 Joseph Ugoretz { 09.05.11 at 2:57 pm }

It will be great to see what you do with that Opportunities Fund, Natasha! I also remember that scene from Gatsby. Seems like we’ve got two things you’re saying about art and what it should do–to connect to your life, and to make you think. Good starting places!

2 Joey Kabariti { 09.08.11 at 1:27 am }

I agree with you totally in that Gatsby is a true work of art. The book is a work of art, but it is not the only thing about the book that is a work of art. I feel that Gatsby himself, the way he works, feels, and flows is a work of art in of himself. I think Fitzgerald found a way to create the perfect man, a true work of art, and then give him flaws which make him all the more lovable. I truly enjoyed “The Great Gatsby” because of him. The way he acted throughout the book made me truly appreciate the book. It made my top ten books list because of him.
As well, the way the whole book is flawed (having a first person narration, affairs going on right and left, lies and deceptions being made many times throughout the book) lent to it an air of art. Art is never perfect. It is skewed because it comes out as perspective. Oftentimes, a work of art will have imperfections made for the sole purpose of making it art (e.g. the scream, I think).
Sorry for going on for so long, but I truly connected with what you said, and I absolutely agree.

Joey Kabariti

3 connielui { 09.08.11 at 3:46 pm }

Hey Natasha! Regarding the Macaulay opportunities fund, I’m really excited to use it to study abroad to and I think it’ll be a great experience for us all. I’ve read the Great Gatsby and like you said it’s a very good and emotional book. I can see your point of view at how it would be art because the book can just move a person.

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