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Thinking about Snapshot Day

Below is the photo I submitted for Snapshot Day:

Why I Chose This Particular Photo:

I.B.M’s “Think” exhibition by Lincoln Center in Manhattan uses the word ‘think’ as the slogan that I believe applies to everyone and everything in the city that never sleeps. The constant commotion sometimes makes it difficult for us to stop and think about what is really going on around us. This particular exhibition focuses on the matters that are far more harder to define but those that affect us all as New Yorkers, such as reduced crime, improved energy usage, healthier rivers, better air quality, and safer food. At the exhibition, people watch visually striking representations of complex phenomena that cause them to think of their personal involvement in what they are viewing.

Some Thoughts on the Snapshot Day Exhibit:

I really enjoyed looking at the creative presentations of all the photos. I can tell that the curators and others involved in setting this up put a lot of effort and thought in arranging and categorizing all the photos. The neat way the photos were put up made it that much more interesting to observe. We can see all the photos as a whole and how they relate to each other rather than one photo and then another photo, and so on. My favorite section was the one that had the water-related photographs. What was intriguing to see was how the photos themselves were placed in water, just to highlight their message and significance even more.


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