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9/11 Memorial

Maybe it is because I may not have that deep of a personal attachment to the site, but I felt sort of disappointed. The arrangement of the trees and the art noveau buildings in the space seemed to be a like the work of a deranged, angry hipster, not like the symbol of hope for the future, or the patch of green in the desert. The alternating cement and trees was, for me, reminiscent of a prison, and though it may attempt to symbolize the fate of those aboard both flights, my expectation of the memorial was one of recognition but of transcendence, not wallowing. However, the very impacting and very appropriate feature was the two waterfall-pits. The positioning and seemingly endless abysses were not only the only esthetically pleasing things at the memorial, but the only significant ones. The water that never stopped flowing represented not only the tears for those lost, but also the acceptance of their passing, just as the water passes.


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