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New York City

No offense meant, but this is NYC

I think of Manhattan when I think of NYC, even though I know it includes Brooklyn, Queens, etc…

My New York is encapsulated in this poster.

I took this picture years ago. It’s a poster on a construction site, somewhere in Manhattan. Or actually, I doubt the site is still under construction. I am certain, too, that the poster is no longer there. I couldn’t say what street it was on because I didn’t know when I took it and I still don’t know now.

My friend and I had been wandering around the city when we stumbled across this sign. It just made sense, given the circumstances. We were lost, with no phone between the two of us…. nuf said. We did have a camera, though, which -as we all know- is what really counts.

Looking back at it, I appreciate that it represents a spot that no longer exists. The fence on which it was posted is probably gone, because in NYC, buildings are constantly going up and fences coming down.

And most of what I discover in NY (or Brooklyn or Queens or Staten Island) I never intend to find. I’m usually lost.

It also doesn’t really matter what it was advertising. It didn’t pop out at me then and it doesn’t now. NY is all about advertisement. Everything anyone sees is trying to sell something- electronics, happiness, beauty supplies, comfort, stability, home goods… It’s not so much the actual message so much as the ambiance. I expect to be bombarded in NY. It comes with the territory.

…the wandering…the buildings…the transience…the stupidity…being lost….

This poster speaks of movement and action and life (because who doesn’t do one or two stupid things in life) and that is MY NYC.


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1 Joseph Ugoretz { 11.15.11 at 2:25 pm }

Movement and action, yes. And stupidity and advertising. And the opportunity to make mistakes that lead to real understanding. And the transience! In some ways, it’s just not possible to capture New York, because as soon as you try, it changes.

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