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Faust at the Metropolitan Opera.

I entered the Metropolitan Opera with aching feet, weariness from a long day of school, and excitement for entering such a classy, upscale place. My first opera on an opening night. How riveting!

I found our seats to be quite nice. Although we were very high up, I liked being able to see the orchestra pit and the chandeliers rise. And sitting at such a high distance off the ground was thrilling. (A side note, before going to the Opera, I read some articles about a man who committed suicide by falling off from the balcony seats. That’s what was going through my mind, sitting so high up.)

I really enjoyed the orchestral music. I was very impressed by the expertise of the orchestra. And the fact that it was live made the music even more enjoyable. The vocalists were also amazing. I was in awe from the control they had over their voices and by the level of intensity of their singing. Their voices were strong and beautiful.

I especially loved it when the ensemble would sing together. A hundred voices (am I exaggerating?) singing at once. Each time massive groups of people sang, the music was so powerful, it sent chills through my body. I loved it!

A difficulty I did have, though, was reading the subtitles and watching the performers. It was exhausting looking back and forth at the text and the stage because they were so far apart. I would read the subtitles in fear that I would miss something big on stage.

However, this was quite an experience.


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