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Macaulay SING Competition

On November 19th I went to the Macaulay SING performance to support my friends Maryam, Victoria and a few others. This was the 2nd competition date and as of then Hunter was first, Brooklyn 2nd, Queens 3rd and Baruch last. I was really excited to see what our school had put together since I knew they’ve been working hard on practicing for a couple of weeks.

Surprisingly a lot more people then I thought came to support them. I felt like the crowd was a good one since they usually clapped enthusiastically after every act and they had a good sense of humor too. I noticed that a lot of parents came to support their children. First up was Brooklyn’s team. I feel like they had a really creative idea and theirs was the one that made me laugh the most the whole night. Their overall theme was that Facebook had taken over the cyber world. The characters in the performance were on a quest to overthrow Mark Zuckerberg the creator of Facebook. Sites like You Tube, Hulu, and Myspace worked together to find the Facebook creator. The idea behind it was very original and they had a good play on words throughout the performance. I loved the jokes they used and reactions of the actors involved.

Next up was Baruch. Their performance was probably the one I liked the least out of the whole night. They had a typical love story idea where the guy was chasing the girl but the girl didn’t like the guy. In the end the girl fell for the guy and they sang a love song together in the end.  Although the actors sang pretty well, I felt like the story itself wasn’t that great and could have been more original. Overall though they had more of a cute performance.

After Baruch came Queens. I feel like the cast here had pretty good vocals. The idea between theirs was that the world was ending. I like how each person in the performance had their own story to unfold before it was time for the world to end. They all sought out to live their last day in the world to the fullest so they could die with no regrets. It was funny yet somewhat expected that in the end no one ended up dying. The performance on their part was great though and they brought in a lot of musical talent.

Last but not least was Hunter. Although I was supporting our colleagues of Brooklyn the whole time, I have to say that Hunter took the show away. Their musical talent was overwhelming. They focused on the idea of tourists coming into New York City and being corrupted by the likes of the people here. I was extremely impressed by their pianist since I used to play the piano myself. Throughout the whole night he was on cue and his music allowed the performance to flow smoothly and show the transition between scenes. It was also funny how he the pianist became part of the performance while in the Baruch one they pianist just played the piano the whole time and that was it. Everyone in the cast had great vocal ability and allowed it to shine throughout the night.

Sadly Brooklyn didn’t win and Hunter did win. It wasn’t surprising that Hunter won because everyone expected them to. What was surprising to me what that Brooklyn went from 2nd place to tying with Baruch at last place in the end. I feel like it might have been because Brooklyn had the least singing parts compared to the other performances and it is a SING competition. Compared to the other performances, Brooklyn definitely had the funniest and wittiest performance. I had a great time watching all the performances and I was glad my friends enjoyed themselves.


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