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My New York

Having been born and raised in Brooklyn, my “New York” should really be “My Brooklyn,” naturally. I never really was proud of living in New York or really understood what it would mean for others to be in my place. Once, when I was away from New York, I remember telling someone I was from New York City, and they responded in a hysterical “New York??? You are sooo lucky!!!” I was really puzzled by their response as I did not see anything special about it.

I always thought that tourists have more fun in NYC than actual New Yorkers do. I just don’t make anything of the fact that the greatest city in the world is just a train ride away. “My New York” is primarily just my neighborhood in Sheepshead Bay and a few other places in Brooklyn. I’ve had a few experiences in Manhattan, but nothing that can warrant it to be called “mine.” I don’t think that there are many who can call Manhattan “theirs,” but there are a lot who are definitely trying. I should start taking more advantage of my proximity to the city, and try and capture as much of the city as I can. It would be a shame to let such an opportunity go to waste.

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1 Richie Mizrahi { 12.12.11 at 11:09 pm }

I agree with this whole post. I’ve also experienced that moment when someone who lives far from NYC realizes you live right there and they wish they were you. I guess I just don’t get it.

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