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My New York

Growing up I never really liked going to the city. I enjoyed Brooklyn but aside from hanging out with friends there wasn’t much to do. I would always hear people talking on Monday mornings that they spent their Sunday in the city. For girls the fun always seemed to be shopping in the city, but I could not care less about shopping. For the boys it was Dillon’s candy shop that allured them to the city. I always thought to myself, everyone loves the city, I must be missing something here. But I don’t think I am.

You can go shopping, see a play, go to the park, and a bunch of other things in the city. But I never really cared for that. I much rather be playing basketball, football or softball with my friends on my free time. I like open spaces which is one reason why I can’t stand the city.

So I guess my New York would be one that I try to avoid. My favorite time of the year is the summer. Obviously because of the free time but also its because I go to the jersey shore with my family. I leave Brooklyn which has some characteristics of the city, and any thoughts of going to Manhattan get thrown away. Half of this probably made no sense but I think I’ll conclude by saying that in my future I will strongly considering moving to somewhere with a lot of space and very few claustrophobic areas. Maybe then I’ll understand that living near NYC is really a luxury.


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