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The Opera

It sounds like the class had an amazing time at the opera, I wish I could’ve been there but I wasn’t feeling well and I’m so disappointed that I missed it! When we spoke about it in class it sounded like it was an amazing experience. I have some comments about what I heard in class and about opera in general.

Firstly, I like the overall concept of an opera. It’s kind of like a musical, with a more unique type of music that you don’t hear every day. The music is very emotional, and the performers voices are so passionate and strong. You could definitely hear the talent in their voices as they project across the room. Although the storyline is not so enticing, the music makes up for that factor.

A lot of people commented on the fact that there was a language barrier. I’m pretty sure that I would find the sub-titles annoying and distracting, so I would probably ignore them in order to fully take in the music even though it would take away from my understanding of the story. After all, I think that the music is the essence of the opera.

Another thing that I thought was interesting was that many of the people in our class enjoyed sitting in a section far away from the stage because they got to take in the atmosphere of the theatre and the types of people around them. In that sense, I think that part of the experience of going to the opera is taking in your surroundings and being observant of the different types of people that are there.


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