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Recently, I visited the International Center of Photography. The whole feel  and setup of the museum is very clean and particular which I liked.

One exhibit which I really liked was the Signs of Life exhibit. It really brought me back to the 30’s even though I obviously never lived in that time. It was like a window to the past that let me get a glimpse of what life was like back then. I like all the filters the photographer uses or lack there of .

I also liked the Haper’s Bazaar exhibit. Its definitely bazaar. I loved the picture with the lady in the white dress hanging off of the metal structure. The empire state building in the background really takes the picture to the next level for me. It reminds me of King Kong when the ape holds the woman on the empire state building.

Just as everyone else mentioned the 9/11 exhibit was also great. I think it helps bring a very real perspective of the event that some people across the country might not have gotten at the time.

Photographs can really tell a story the way other mediums aren’t able to (cliche: a picture’s worth a thousand words) and the ones at ICP really are able to do that.


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