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Movie on 9-9-15 at 11.04 PM


  1. Joseph Ugoretz

    Those flowers brought back memories, but also connections to people. I think that’s something you will see again in other works of art!

  2. Mosabbiha Nafisah

    So, I’m not too sure what I want to major in. I was thinking of going into education and computer science. I hated the thought of computer science years ago, but last year I took a class for programming of some sort, and it piqued my interest. This semester I’m taking an introduction class to computer programming just to see if I want to continue on this path. So, for now, I’m leaning toward childhood education and computer science.

    • Sandy Mui

      It’s great that you’re considering computer science – I don’t know that many people in that field! I’m similar to you in terms of hating a subject years ago and then liking it later on. I’m most likely going to be a Chemistry major with a minor in Earth and Environmental Sciences. I couldn’t stand chemistry in 7th grade (we did very basic chemistry but it made no sense to me back then) but my regents chemistry teacher was very good at explaining and breaking down everything, which piqued my interest in chemistry in high school.

  3. Katherine Miranda

    Hi Sandy! So I’m undecided in terms of my major. I plan to use my time in college to explore possible areas of interest to start narrowing down what my possible major might be. So far, I really love and enjoy my Introduction to Mass Media class so who knows where I will end up!

    • Sandy Mui

      Hi Katherine! Just keep exploring – I hope you’ll find something that you love and really interests you!

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