Last night, we went to the Brooklyn museum and it was interesting to how art differed art evolved through time. In the Egyptian collection, my group and I stopped by the hieroglyphics that were so old and fragile that even light would harm them. Those were interesting because hieroglyphics are the basis of all written language and its amazing that today, thousands of years later, there are people who can decipher them. Next we went to see the triptych of virgin and her son flanked by two of the evangelists which was interesting because I have studied many similar paintings but each one is different and unique in its own way. We also saw and discussed the Bierstadt painting of the rocky mountains, which we had briefly discussed in class, but the difference between the painting as it was from the projector to the painting in person was astounding. It commanded my attention from the minute that I walked into the room and the amount of details and the realism of the painting was truly incredible. I really liked the Savage/Sacred Young Minds, and the sneaker exhibits because they were both unlike any art exhibit I had ever seen.  They both reminded me of the art vs crap discussion that we had in class because although I do think that those are and should be considered art, I do think that there are those who would disagree. When we mentioned the is to one of the ITFs, he explained to usthat the video games are like the living art, the artist had an image in mind that he brought to life through the video game, which I though was really interesting.