Photo Booth Profile- Adam Sulaiman

Movie on 9-10-15 at 7.04 PM


  1. Joseph Ugoretz

    Architecture might make a very good idea for your final project. When we go to the High Line in a couple of weeks, have your eye and camera looking around the city. We might also make a stop or two when we go to the 9/11 Memorial that you will find interesting.

  2. Sandy Mui

    Hey Adam!

    To answer your question, I think the most powerful type of art is music, mostly because I don’t think physical art such as paintings make me feel much. When I’m listening to music, I’m usually trying to relax or the types of songs I choose sometimes reflect my feelings at the moment.

  3. Hermena Ibrahim

    My answer to your question, Adam, is that movies are the most powerful type of art. Depending on the genre or type of movie, it can make you happy or sad or even both. I like to watch funny clips of my favorite movies to cheer me up when I’m down.

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