Well, Wednesday was the worst day of my week. I started the day with a crazy bio lab class and on my way back to campus to meet with my friends so we could go to the Brooklyn Museum together, I got drenched in the rain that only lasted an hour (by the time I got off the bus that got me to campus, it already stopped raining). On the bright side, the Brooklyn Museum was a pretty fun experience.

I thought the questions on the screen (where we could text our answers in) was a fun idea. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to text any of my answers in because my phone has horrible reception, but that was a really good idea.

My group spent a lot of time wandering around the 3rd floor since we were already on it for the info session and it was really hard to choose the paintings we wanted to talk about. We only had to record conversations for one easy painting and one more difficult painting, but almost everything was difficult for me. I was never really a fan of art and that means I never really talked about art either.

Next, we went to the fifth floor and looked around. When we finally chose something, it was Bad Seeds Off On A Fast One by Invation Dream Club, which was pop art done over three panels. My groupmates were basically talking about the meaning of the artwork, but I was only pointing out my observations, which made me feel a little awkward. The same happened for the second work of art we discussed, which was the Web of Life by John Biggers. I found this painting a little easier to discuss because there was just so much going on.

Unfortunately, we later realized that the tape recorder didn’t record our two conversations. Maybe the person recording it didn’t press the right buttons or something – I don’t know, but we basically needed to redo it. Professor Ugoretz recommended that we just record one conversation so that we have something for the Creative Arts Workshop. This was actually pretty funny because we chose to redo the Web of Life conversation and it was basically as if we were scripted because we repeated the exact same things we said earlier when recording that conversation.

One of the last exhibits we visited was the sneaker exhibit – one of my groupmates and I were really excited to see it. I’m not a sneakerhead, but I’m a huge NBA basketball fan so the different sneakers was intriguing. I took more pictures of shoes than paintings at the museum.

One groupmate wanted more pictures so before we left, we checked out one exhibit on the first floor. I don’t know what it’s called, but it was the place past the sliding automatic doors. There was a giant sneaker in there. However, what I found interesting was that my group was wondering if the geometric chairs in there were actually chairs or works of art (we were questioning whether we could sit on them). This reminded me of our discussion in the last seminar, where we were discussing the definition of art.

Paintings I Liked


What is Art?

Giant Sneaker