The reasons I joined Macaulay were affirmed by my experience at the Brooklyn Museum. Even though I lived in New York City all my life, I haven’t fully took advantage of the rich cultural institutions and landmarks that it provides. I want to see them, and even if we go over a fraction, it’s worth it. Macaulay for better, not for worse, makes sure I will visit these amazing places. And that makes me extremely appreciative.

The moment I got out of the train station, I was already amazed. The Brooklyn Museum building itself was something straight out of ancient Rome. The building was beautifully designed and was much larger than I was expecting it to be. As I walked in to the friendly greetings by the staff at the lobby room, I already felt a sense of luxury. It’s hard to explain, and maybe luxury is not the right word, but it felt like walking into a 5 star hotel. Knowing that the museum was reserved to us really gave me a feeling of being spoiled. I was lucky to find my friends right away and when we joined together into a group to discuss the art, I think we really all entered the mojo of what it’s like to absorb and experience famous and exquisite art. When I entered the art exhibits, there were many pieces of art that I just glanced over, but to my surprise, the amount of times that a piece of art caught my attention exceeded my expectation. Sometimes when the art was vague and I really was mesmerized by the atmosphere it made me feel, I quickly pulled out my phone and opened wikipedia. I wanted to know more and that’s I think how you know a piece of art is really something special. It was particularly exciting when I was art that we discussed and saw on the board in class. It really is true that you can’t appreciate it until you see it with your own eyes.

If all our visits are going to be as special as my experience at the museum, then I know this class is going to really be something special and something that I won’t be forgetting. I’m particularly looking forward to the opera.