From the first time I learned that we were having an event at the Brooklyn Museum, I was excited. I had only been to the Brooklyn Museum once before this event, but it was one of my favorite museums to visit because of the diverse art I found there. The Brooklyn Museum had exhibits from the ancient Egyptian time all the way to 21st century contemporary art, and the second time I went to the museum made me fall in love with it even more.

My friend and I got to the museum about an hour early, so we had plenty of time to roam around the first floor. The exhibit was called “Connecting Cultures”. The pieces on the first floor were extremely interesting. My friend knew a lot about the Hindu art and explained to me what the different sculptures meant. My favorite piece on the first floor was the mirror that had two people facing towards you as you were looking at the mirror. It was like you were inside the mirror and the people were looking at you from the surface of the mirror.

When everyone made their groups and began to look at the various exhibits, my group decided to start with the Egyptian art on the third floor. I personally wasn’t extremely excited about the Egyptian art because I’ve seen similar pieces in other museums like the MET. After the Egyptian art, we stayed on the third floor and checked out the European paintings. I really liked this exhibit. I like to paint and the painting in this exhibit inspired me. A lot of them were larger than life and felt important. My favorite paintings in this exhibit were the Soviet Union paintings because I used to live in Uzbekistan during the time of the Soviet Union and it was interesting to see the point of view in these paintings.

I liked the sculptures and paintings on the first few floors, but the exhibit I was most excited for was the video game room. When we got to the room we all immediately started to take snapchats and selfies because it was so interactive and different than all the other exhibits. We also made sure to play all the games and played a few rounds of foosball (I won). The last thing we checked out was the sneaker gallery.My brother would’ve loved this exhibit because he’s a huge sneaker head. I didn’t think I’d be too excited for this gallery, but surprisingly it was pretty cool.

My favorite part of the museum was probably the arcade room. The atmosphere inside the room felt like a was part of an actual video game and the old-school games were silly, but definitely fun. Like I said before, the diversity in the art at the Brooklyn Museum was incredible. They displayed ancient Egyptian jewelry in the same building as the newest sneakers that are out, which is what I think makes the museum special.

Anyway, here are a few extremely low quality pictures I took at the museum. Enjoy!




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