Here’s a fun overdue post, about my night at the Brooklyn Museum! 🐉

My group consisted of some high school friends, some new faces, and Maryam.  I think this collision of different worlds is fun, people from different parts of my life (brooklyn tech, brooklyn college, macaulay) had come together into one collective.  And this collective was about to embark on a journey of looking at and discussing art, which is something I didn’t really see myself doing before.

One of the first paintings we saw was called Everlasting Waterfall.  My first thought was that it looks like cracked stone. Like you came back to look at the trunk of a tree after years of moss and rain has weathered the outside. Since I thought no one was going to say anything harsh, I decided to be really critical of it in our group’s recording. By the end of our discussion thought I learned to appreciate the piece, despite my initial judgement.

It still looks nothing like falling water though. Maybe more of a haunted forest.

We checked out the sneaker display too, and although I wasn’t too enthusiastic I really did like some of the designs being showcased, and appreciated the historical context around them. But in terms of history, the Ancient Egyptian rooms were my favorite. There’s something about looking at artifacts that have been around for THOUSANDS of years, before monotheistic religions even came about, that is truly awe inspiring. The crazy thing is, this was art that had a purpose to the people who made it, which is very different from contemporary art that means something else to different people. Seeing their hieroglyphs was also a real treat.

All in all, I was really happy by the end of the night. I explored new art, had (somewhat ironically) sophisticated discussions about things that didn’t seem sophisticated at first, and met some cool new people while catching up with old friends. 👌