My favorite piece on the  High Line was a sculpture called Little Manhattan. Before I knew it was a sculpture of Manhattan, I knew right away it was some major city and the detail in the sculpture was what really caught my attention. You could see every building and bridge distinctly. The sculpture was about nine feet, but the details were tiny (the picture really doesn’t do it justice). When I was looking at it I kind of felt like I was a giant looking down on an entire city. When I got home, I wanted to know more about this sculpture so I googled it and this came up:

“A fantastic feat of meticulous carving, the sculpture includes every bridge, pier, and building found in Manhattan at the time of the sculpture’s making.”

I think I like the sculpture more now that I know that every single building, bridge, and pier is included. The time and attention to detail that it must have taken in order to make this sculpture makes it even more interesting.