Where’s the art in nonart?
What affects our perception of beauty in art?
How is art demonstrated in nature?
What is considered art?
Why art for the first Macaulay class?
Why do we feel such a connection to art?
How can we, as a society, make art more relatable to the general public?
What is the most thought-provoking form of art?
What makes something beautiful?
Does art have to have a meaning?
Is music considered art?
Is there perfection in art?
If anything can be classified as art, does it lose meaning?
How does music translate into visual art?
How is art significant in a society fixated on technology?
Is digital art art?
What categories do we judge art by?
How can we learn to appreciate art?
How come we don’t focus on written forms of art?
Is there a difference between popular and great art?