I was pleasantly shocked by my first experience at the ballet. I honestly did not expect to enjoy it much but I found that within the first few moments, I was absorbed in the beauty and grace of the dance. My favorite was Monotones I and II because it was simple, not at all confusing and solely about the dance. There was not any theatrics, just the three performers and their dance. I felt that the Brahms-Haydn Variations was a  good first performance to have seen because it showcased different aspects of the ballet and though it was a little bit overwhelming and very hard to keep up with, it contradicted the stereotype that ballet is slow and almost boring. The Green Table was different from the first two in that it had a story. I found that it was a perfect performance to end on because toward the end, I  was getting antsy but the story held my attention and kept me entertained until the end. What I noticed most about the ballet though, was the importance of the music. How the music and steps work together to create an amazing performance, creating dramatic pauses and setting the tempo for the dance.