The opera is another one of those events, like the ballet, that I would likely not have gone to had it not been for Macaulay. I’m not going to lie; I didn’t find the opera instantly compelling like the ballet. I think it’s an acquired taste and it’s definitely a hard genre to get used to when much of my and my peers’ entertainment comes from 6 second videos. However, as the performance progressed the drama mounted to a jarring climax. I found the opera more and more interesting as the drama increased. The cruelty of Cavaradossi’s pursuers made me indignant as if it was a modern day injustice unfolding right in front of my eyes at Lincoln Center. I secretly hoped that Cavaradossi and Tosca would really get their happily ever after story the whole time even though I had a nagging feeling that it wouldn’t be that easy. The audience was rapt when the opera came to its dramatic close with the suicide of Tosca, and so was I.