Amanda came into class on October 27 to talk about opera. She explains how opera is over 400 years old and it started during the Renaissance, in Florence, Italy by a small group of artists and musicians¬†called Florentine Camerata. She also explained how opera singers were mainly young boys who had their balls chopped off so they wouldn’t hit puberty and lose their high pitch voice. Poor families would do this to their children for money and for the fame that they will receive from their sons performing in operas. She also played for us different opera pieces, and she even sang a piece to us as well. I was so shocked in how talented she was at singing opera. It was so loud that I was afraid the glass windows were going to break. She also explained¬†how opera is sung in so many different languages too. She also gave us a brief plot summary of the opera that we were going to watch on October 29, which unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend. I was really glad that she was able to visit our class and inform us about opera.