Seeing Henry IV was a very interesting experience. While waiting in the (very chic) lobby for the performance to start, I noticed a chain gang of women walking in and wondered if they were actual prisoners coming to see the show. Once we got to our seats, I learned that they were not. It took me about halfway into the performance to realize that it was taking place in a women’s prison, hence the matching outfits and children’s toys props. ¬†The performers were phenomenal, and I LOVED the way the women channeled their masculine energy. The actress who played the Prince of Norway was my absolute favorite. She was so masculine and confident and I think was the best actress. I enjoyed when the seriousness would cut and the women would cry or make fun of each other or sing. It was a great twist and I thought the director was so creative to think of something like that.¬†Overall I really loved the performance and would definitely see something like it again.


Action shot

View from our seats

View from our seats

Panoramic view of the entire set up

Panoramic view of the entire setup