I did like the performance. Although I thought it was a bit long, it wasn’t that bad. I didn’t want to fall asleep (I couldn’t even if I tried) so props to the band because I usually don’t like listening to just instrumental.

My favorite bits:

  • The older-guy with the long hair on the guitar rocking out on the left hand side.
  • The trumpet player with the blue-green shirt when he did that really amazing solo.
  • The guy with the silver looking saxophone solo.
  • The drum solo.
  • Solos, solos, solos.
  • The friendly banter during the show (it was informal but in this case it worked).
  • I could actually get through the aisle!!!!!!

Not so favorite bits:

  • One thing I didn’t like was the guy all the way on the corner right saxophone because he kept making this sharp, ugly sound (to me) and I wasn’t sure if he was just messing up or it was supposed to be like that, but either way I didn’t like it.
  • I couldn’t actually hear (or understand) the conductor when he spoke.

Also, I am not sure what song it was, but I know I have heard to before. It was the song with the french horn (?- I’m not one for naming uncommon-ish instruments) and I really liked it, it was my favorite.