IMG_4378First off, I have to say I love music. I come from a very musical family (mom plays the drums, dad plays the keyboard, and two sisters that sing), so I guess music is in my genes. Last Thursday, when I was hearing the band play, I couldn’t help myself from tapping my foot to the beat. It was just a natural instinct. And Vaughn was right – I was barely able to keep myself in my seat.


I really liked the unique sound of some of the songs. For example, a few of the songs mixed jazz sounds with Latin rhythms. The mix worked perfectly, and it created a distinct sound that was different from what I’ve heard in the past. I also tried to identify the Latin sound that we discussed in class, and I do think it was the unique rhythm that truly gave it a Latin feel. The sound of the cowbell and other percussion instrument (not sure what it’s called) also contributed to the Latin vibe.


For some of the songs, I was thinking about the mood set by the song. For example, for “Baby Jack,” I was thinking about how the song reflected the laughter and cries of a baby using the sounds of different instruments. During one of the other songs (I forgot which one), the conductor set the mood by telling the audience to imagine they are walking on a street at night somewhere in Colombia while hearing a marching band come down the street toward them.


Overall, I think it was really a great experience. This trip reminded me how much I really love music, and it encouraged me to try out an instrument.