Out of all the events that we have been to, I must say that the one that was way different than I imagined was the Latin Jazz concert. It was nothing like what I imagined. It still boggles my mind how the free style aspect of it works. The way you can jump in and do your own thing while still maintaining the groove of the unifying music must take a huge amount of talent. What I also really loved was how passionate and into the music everyone was. From the bouncing of their heads to the beat, to the smiles, to the eagerness on their face to do a solo, it was such a lively event. I think that gives it a certain advantage over a regular concert. It is much more engaging and the audience is pulled in by the jovial atmosphere. My favorite performance was “Baby Jack”. It was really funny when a solo would happen and that person would play in a high note to mimic the crying of a baby.

Another important aspect about this event that was different than the others was the clear difference in setting. The events such as the Opera and ballet were clearly high class and you can see and feel that right away upon entering the building. The room that the jazz concert took place in was nothing in comparison to those settings, but I think that actually benefitted the atmosphere that the music and performance seeks to illicit. It’s supposed to be close up, fun, non-pretentious, and engaging. The room it took place in complimented those aspects.