Unfortunately, due to the dance competition I wrote about previously, I was not able to make Snapshot Day. Therefore, I will be reflecting on the image I submitted for Snapshot Day instead.

The picture I took (attached here), was taken on a LIRR ride going from Atlantic Ave to Oceanside, NY. It was a peaceful Sunday, and I was on my way home to have dinner with my family when I saw this sight. Although it was two months into the school semester, I can’t say it truly hit me that I was going to school in New York City, a global attraction, until that moment.

Although it seems insignificant, that picture really captured what I thought was going to be my experience in Brooklyn. The way the sunlight hit the buildings, halal carts lining the street near a meatpacking place, it finally hit me that I was in for a culturally enriching experience in my next 4 years.

And I have to say, the end of the first semester, I am beyond grateful for the opportunities Macaulay has given me to expand my knowledge of New York City.


**I can’t find the picture I submitted for Snapshot Day, so I guess you’ll just have to imagine it!! :)**