Abraham, Mark, Sandy, Katherine, Melissa and I went as a group with the original intent to the Museum of Feelings. The line was massive and the moment we got there, they told us they would be not allowing anymore people in the line. Obviously disappointed, we pondered about what other type of art places we could go to. Melissa came up with the idea of going to the Irish Hunger Memorial which was nearby in Battery Park. We followed our phone maps, and upon arriving, we had no idea we actually reached it. If you aren’t observant, it looks like a simple park you find all over the city. However, once you walk in deeper the amazingness ¬†of the structure becomes apparent. The park like nature is actually elevated on a metallic structure with lines that are lighter up that have facts about the Irish Potato famine. It also includes facts about how much food America wastes and how obese as a country we are. It was obviously trying to impart the lesson that we need to be respectful and mindful of the food we eat and not be wasteful. It quickly becomes apparent the park like nature of the memorial is supposed to represent the Irish landscape. There were no trees and it looked like hilly plains. Built near the Hudson river, the memorial was absolutely stunning. It was a great experience that made me mindful not only of history, but how we carry out the present.