Truth be told, I was expecting a greater turnout for the Snapshot day.  But it seemed like only a fraction of the Macaulay class showed up.  But it was immediately clear that those that didn’t show up to the Snapshot event missed out on the grandness of the event.  Despite being located in, what I believed, a drab neighborhood, the museum was gargantuan when viewed from the inside.  The building was so big, that to see the ceiling, one would hurt his/her neck!  Complimenting this architecture, I noticed the pictures that were displayed to the students.  It was immediately clear that the five or six curators had invested abundant time and energy to organize and assign a time to those pictures.  Each picture was neatly categorized into a time based on the position of the sun, the length of shadows, the intensity of lighting etc.  The amount of work that the curators put in must have been unfathomable!  Even though my picture was categorized into the wrong time, I was greatly impressed by their hard work to the task.  Uploading the pictures to a social media was fun but challenging because I had to find the “perfect” picture to do so.  The batmobile was also eye-catching, even though it wasn’t the new batmobile (the one from the movie not the comics).  The experience was, overall, very humbling.