Snapshot day at the New York Historical Society was an awesome experience. It was exciting to see all of the photos taken by my peers presented at the museum. Our photos had become a part of the art. The curators did a great job of exhibiting the various photos and organizing them based on the approximate time they were taken. I liked the creative idea of choosing random times of the day, like 7:46 P.M., rather than exact times like 10 A.M. Finally, the question activity helped us to think about the meaning behind a particular photo, not necessarily our own. I happened to pick my own photo and answered the question by saying that my photo expressed that New Yorkers care about one another.

The photo that I chose to submit for the exhibit was the one that I took on our trip to the 9/11 memorial. I selected this particular photo for numerous reasons. Firstly, this honoring monument has an aesthetic beauty to it. The idea of a waterfall within another waterfall intrigued me. Also, the sheer size of the design was somewhat intimidating: an acre for each waterfall set within the footprints of the Twin Towers. Another important reason why I chose this photo was the overwhelming and deep emotion that I felt standing there watching the memorial. Of all the trips we’ve taken this year, I believe this one had the greatest emotional component to it. The memorial meant so much to people of many unique backgrounds. It acted as a unifying factor to bring New Yorkers closer together.IMG_4777