1. Essay Prompt: How is war portrayed in Henry IV compared to the original G.I. Joe cartoon? (50 points)
  2. List 3 themes in Tosca, and for each list at least 1 work of art where that theme exists. (20 points).
  3. 1-2 paragraph response: Is repetition and reuse of old tropes a good thing or a bad thing in modern music? (30 points)
  4. Extra Credit: In the St. Ann’s Warehouse version of Henry IV, what did Henry IV say to Falstaff when he interrupted his serious discussion with Prince Hal using a child’s rattle? (10 points)
    1. “Would you please go away, Falstaff? I am having an important conversation with my son.”
    2. “Leave or I throw you in the dungeon.”
    3. “Fuck off, this isn’t your scene!”
    4.  “Why yes, Falstaff, please shake that baby rattle again and make the audience’s suspension of disbelief go even lower than it already is!”