Unfortunately, my Thursday night bio lab prevented me from attending all of the scheduled performances this semester— all except for Henry IV. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the play. And I am convinced that had it not been the only performance I was present for, it would be my favorite. So many elements of the play appealed to me: the modern take on Shakespeare, the all-female cast, the prison setting, the unconventional props and the interactive stage. I have to admit: anytime the swag of contemporary thugs is satirized, I am immediately amused. And the experience was only enhanced by the excellent portrayal of King Henry IV, Prince Harry and most especially, Hotspur. Honestly, watching them perform made me earnestly wish I was an actress on that stage. Ultimately, I can describe the concept of this play— this reimagined version of Henry IV—in one word: smart. It radiated cleverness. I really admire that.