I signed up to be a student curator for the Snapshot Exhibit because I’ve always been obsessed with the logistics behind planning events and I thought planning the Snapshot Exhibit would be interesting. I particularly liked that we decided to use the theme time since all of the photos were taken on the same day, October 11th. It was also cool to use strange times like 9:58 or 11:12 rather than 11:00 or 12:30 because that made it much more intriguing.

The hardest part of curating the exhibit was figuring out whose photos were whose. It was even more difficult since smaller photos (4×6) were ordered first, but we decided we wanted them blown up even larger (8×10). Once the larger-sized photos came, we had to match them with the smaller photos so that we wouldn’t separate the groups of photos that were already created. I remember having a stack of photos next to me and me scrolling through the whole submission page to try to figure out who took those photos – what a pain!

Overall, I thought we did the best we could with the space that we were allotted. It would have been a lot cooler if the photos were displayed like an actual exhibit (actually on walls and not on panels). Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, but nonetheless, I thought we still did a good job.

Here’s my photo. The Nets’ open practice just happened to be the same day!