On Thursday October 10th, I went to the Irish Hunger Memorial with Melissa, Abraham, Mark, Adam and Sandy. We had a great time together and it was interesting to see the design for the Irish Hunger Memorial. At first glance, it didn’t seem like much. It just seemed like a fake little artificial hill in the middle of buzzing Manhattan. But as I got closer to the memorial and started to walk around and explore, I saw something undeniably touching. The memorial is set up like a hill. It is full of grass, vines and small bushes. It is very interactive in which it allows people to walk through the hill up to the top where one can get a nice view of the city. It feels almost like being on a different world, on a little island isolated from the buzz of the city. It was surprisingly peaceful and relaxing.

As much as I loved the atmosphere of the memorial. I also loved the architecture. Below the artificial hill were quotes from individuals who went through and experienced the famine themselves. It was both tragic and somehow infinitely beautiful, enough to almost bring me to tears.