For the outside arts topic,  I’m going to talk a bit about listening to live music.

Recently we saw the latin jazz performance at Brooklyn College which was really great.   The music was powerful, and the coziness of the room made it very personal.  I was very impressed with the fact that a lot of people played more than one instrument.

In contrast, I’ve been to jazz and orchestra concerts at Brooklyn Tech (fondly remember the orchestra playing the Game of Thrones theme last year)  And the experience is totally different.  For one thing, there’s more improv at the performance at BC.  At Tech, we have a huge 3 floor auditorium, so it doesn’t feel as cozy unless you’re sitting close to the front.  At both schools I usually focus to the people who I actually know on stage, so that stayed the same.  There were a lot less solos at Tech though, it felt more rigid and I don’t know why exactly.  Regardless I always enjoy myself at events like these, because the physical vibrations that the instruments (especially bass instruments) cause feel good and create an all around calming, chill atmosphere.

In the future I definitely see myself going to more concerts, both back at my old high school and here at Brooklyn college.

Check it out: 11:59 I MADE IT

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