Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to this event, instead I spent the afternoon in an airport seeing some extended family off (boring) .  So instead I’ll just show you off my photo and highlight some things I liked, as it wasn’t my first take.


I’ll start out by saying I DON’T like that the water is kind of slanting downwards by a fraction of a degree, I didn’t notice it until now.  And the fact that its cloudy slightly kills the vibe.  Now that that’s off my chest, here’s a link to it in its original resolution (helps you see car details and read signs)

My motivation for this photo was the fact that you get a little bit of everything in one frame.  Buildings on the left, as well as six lanes of traffic are a good representation of urban life.  You can even peep someone hanging their clothes from their apartment window, 4th floor from the top on the far left.  The right side is a little more nature oriented.  It’s a park, lots of trees and greenery, and behind it is a bay of water.  #AllNatural #NoMakeup

I also like that the people on the right are all in cars, living the fast life.  The people in the park are there with their families, sitting down and enjoying what’s around them: the slow life.  It’s the border between chaos and serenity.  If there was a photo to go with the phrase “Stop and smell the roses” this would be it.

I took the picture at a red light, to maximize the number of cars on the scene.  I like how you can almost play connect the dots with the rear headlights on the cars trying to get onto the Belt Parkway.  Because the sun was setting, the artificial lights are highlighted in the photo, they all jump out.


This photo was taken with a digital camera, Sony Cybershot 10.1 MP.