The past and future of New York City: “Paris is Burning” as starting point for using Social Explorer

These two posts were written as examples for students in Seminar 4, Shaping the Future of New York City, in Spring 2016. The first post was written with the intent of drawing on the skills developed in the first three seminars: an understanding of the arts in New York City; the role of immigration and migration in New York City; data collection methods (science senses) from Science Forward.

Thinking about the future of New York: Queer and minority culture

Using the documentary “Paris Is Burning” as a starting point to introduce students to the general themes and ideas of Seminar 4. This multimedia post includes embedded PDFs and a Youtube video.

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Paris is Burning, Social Explorer, and tracking changes to the neighborhood: 1990 vs. 2014

This post introduces the online tool Social Explorer that combines census data and GIS to examine a demographic changes in a Manhattan Neighborhood.

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